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Heres what's new:

26/09/2004 - I've deleted galleries 1, 2 and 3.  This is because I have now added all the photos as clickable thumbnails.  HUGE amount of new photos also added.  Go check the new gallery out now.

12/09/204 - Over the last week the forum has seen serval changes.  It has gained a nice new VW logo background.  You can now access model specific forums.  Several new members have joined up and many more topics, replys and threads have been posted.  Go visit it now.  http://vdubs.proboards15.com

04/10/2004 - I've added some photos I took whilst on Holiday on the Greek Island of Corfu.  They are thumbnails so please click on them to view them in a seperate window as a larger image.  You can find them all in the Gallery.  Enjoy.

23/09/2004 - Today saw Vdubs enter the press in the form of a mini article with a brief history of the inspiration behind the sites creation and a photo of me for you to laugh at. =)

13/09/2004 - A little late but I've added photos to the gallery form the Stanford hall & GTI International shows 2004

03/09/2004 - There's been lots of new posts in the Vdubs forum.  Check the link to the right.  The forum has also been updated with some new VW avatars so you can use these in your member profiles.

25/08/2004 - I've added some more jokes to the jokes page.  Remember to send me some if you have any to put on the site.

17/08/2004 - Sorry for the pop up ad's they have to be there.  It's the only way to keep this site free.

16/08/2004 - Aug 10th Ashby Folville meet photos (all VW of course) are now on the gallery page. 

11/08/2004 - Look out for this months Ashby Folville VW turn outs in the gallery coming to this site next week

11/08/2004 - Added a new link on the links page.  It's for VWbooks.com.  If you after a VW book then you're likely to find it here.

05/08/2004 - Added a new page "Quotes" this will feature any of the home page "favourite quotes of the month" that get updated each month.

05/08/2004 - The link to the guestbook entries is now working.  You can just click onto it instead of having to copy and paste it into you browsers address line.  Also given the Vdubs forum it's own logo.

05/08/2004 - I've added a few more words to the 'About Vdubs' page to give a better insight as to my passion for VW's and why I wanted to create this site.

02/08/2004 - I've uploaded some photos in the Gallery section.  They are of my VW ride & also of The Classic Car & Transport show at Beaumanor Hall near Loughborough July 2004.

30/07/2004 - I've designed the Vdubs logo and it can now been seen on the home page and also as an animation on the guestbook page.  Hope you like the logo's design?

27/07/2004 - I've uploaded a few photos from the 8th July 04 Ashby Foville car meet I attended.  The Ghia & Cabrio Beetle belong to Gordie & David72 of Der Rusty Dub Klub.

21/07/2004 - The Vdubs forum is now up and running on the forum link found to the left of this page.  Become a member to post and reply to topics from technical help to Ebay.

20/07/2004 - I've moved the poll's the their very own separate page.  This keeps the home page more precise and clear to the eye.  I've also added a competition & raffle page.  This is under construction so please check back for updates.

19/07/2004 - The second poll is now on the home page (your favorite VDub).  If you want to see your own poll on this site then send me your question with the answers and I'll submit it.

19/07/2004 - Well last week saw the introduction of my first poll.  Your favourite Golf.  Also came the addition of the corkboard and guest book page.  Look for more upgrades soon.

16/07/2004 - Went to "der rusty dub klub" meet last night at The Welland in Market Harborough.  My first time there so was a little daunting meeting the long standing members.  Some top VW's there.  Pimp Passat, Cabrio Beetle, 16v Mk2 etc.  Look foward to going again when the Suns shining!

15/07/2004  -This is the first day of this web page so no changes as such as yet


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